100 Great Black Britons

  1. 1001 Inventions reveals the rich heritage that the Muslim community share with other communities in the UK and Europe

  2. Abolition200.org.uk Resources, events and Lottery funding for projects associated with the bicentenary
  3. African and Asian Visual Artists
  4. AfriClassical African Heritage in Classical Music
  5. Anti Apartheid Movement in Scotland from Glasgow Caledonian University Archive
  6. Apna Arts South Asian Arts
  7. Apna Ghar (Our Home) a production inspired by the oral history of South Asian women in the Midlands
  8. Archives, Libraries and Museums resources for Black History resource packs for schools
  9. Black and Asian Studies Association
  10. Archaeology of Black Britain article from channel 4 about archaeological evidence for Black presence
  11. Association of Black Photographers website that addresses issues of cultural identity and human rights
  12. BBC Learning Zone clips about Black History
  13. Birmingham Black History Month resources for BHM and more
  14. Black History of Canada
  15. Black-History-Month.co.uk portal for wide range of resources
  16. Black Manifesto from Black Information Link
  17. Black Presence one of the pioneering websites
  18. Black Presence in the National Gallery collection a wide selection of images
  19. Britain: the World in One Country (The Guardian) looks at the different minority communities in the UK
  20. British Black Music the home of British Black Music on the web
  21. Casbah resources and research material
  22. Connections - Asian, Black and Jewish histories in modern Britain website of the touring exhibition
  23. Crossing the Line - resources about Walter Tull, Black Footballer and Officer
  24. Culture24 promoting the cultural sector online
  25. Digital Handsworth looking at the diverse community in the Midlands
  26. Diversity Otherwise a portal for the diverse multi-cultural UK home educating communities
  27. Encyclopedia Britannica's Guide to Black History
  28. English Heritage Blue Plaque and Heritage for all webpages
  29. Essex University campaign for Reparations for Slavery
  30. Iceandfire Theatre real life stories of the dispossessed
  31. In Search of Slavery's English Roots article from the History Co-operative website
  32. Interwoven Freedoms: Abolitionist Women in Birmingham
  33. Institute of Race Relations
  34. Institute of International Visual Arts
  35. Jewish Council for Racial Equality
  36. Legacy Archives a new website looking at the multicutural heritage in Tyne and Wear
  37. Mary Seacole a website from the Mary Seacole Centre for Nursing Practice
  38. Memoire St Barth, wesbite about the history of slavery and abolition on the Lesser Antilles
  39. Moving Here looks at immigration of the last 200 years
  40. Music for Change promotes awareness, understanding and respect for cultural diversity through music and the performing arts
  41. National Archives Black Presence website detailing Black presence before 1850
  42. Nubian Jak innovating edutainment products for the education, entertainment and leisure industries
  43. October Gallery the first London gallery to exhibit cutting-edge contemporary art from all cultures
  44. Origination (formerly the Black and Asian History Map) celebrating the contributions of minority cultures
  45. Portcities Bristol Bristol and the Slave Trade
  46. Queen Victoria's Empire from America's PBS website
  47. Remembering forgotten heroes: oral history of Indian Army veterans
  48. Revolutionary Players articles on the Lunar Society and Anti-slavery and an interactive learning journey on anti-slavery.
  49. Rich Mix is creating a new cultural building serving London's many communities
  50. Runnymede Trust campaigners against racism and discrimination
  51. Schools Wikipedia entry about Transatlantic Slave Trade
  52. South Asian Diaspora Literature and Arts Archive
  53. Scottish Ethnic Minorities Research Unit from Glasgow Caledonian University Archive
  54. Shisha The International Agency for Comtemporary South Asian crafts and visual arts
  55. Sean Creighton's website includes extensive lists of the articles that he has written on Black and Asian British history
  56. setallfree.net Legacies of Slavery and its sister website setallfree.co.uk which has educational resources about abolition.
  57. Sites of Memory evidence in the historic environment of England for the transatlantic slave trade, plantation wealth and the Abolition struggle
  58. Slavery teaching material from English Heritage; Investigating the legacy of a slave trader
    and Using memorials as evidence
  59. Slave Voyages a massive database of the Transatlantic Slave Trade with over 35,000 voyages documented
  60. Southall Black Sisters timeline of the campaign group
  61. Smithsonian Folklife Festival - The Power of Words in African American Culture
  62. Spartacus Black People in Britain encyclopedia with a wealth of entries
  63. SS Mendi which sank during WW1 with hundreds of South African soldiers on board
  64. Timeline of Black Presence from Romans to present day
  65. Timeline of Black British Literature
  66. The Voice African British newspaper
  67. Untold London discover the histories of London's diverse communities
    We Also Served details contributions by Black and Asian servicemen and women
  68. Westminster Archives Celebrating the Black Presence in Westminster 1500-2000
  69. Who Do We Think We Are Exploring Identity, Diversity and Citizenship
  70. Women in Jazz A Welsh site with some details about Cleo Laine
  71. Wonders of the African world history of Africa before colonialism

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