This may be the last entry on the blackhistoryblog for a little while as I shall shortly be departing these shores for an 8 month sabbatical in India and SE Asia. It is possible that I will add a few postings about my travels but it does mean that there won't be much new material coming onto the site for a while. However just to make up for that I have added loads of really good stuff over the last couple of days;The Slave Trade page has got some brilliant resources from Dale Banham, a History teacher and Local Authority adviser in Suffolk, who has written a scheme of work about Thomas Clarkson, the abolitionist who came from Ipswich. There is also a link to the new campaign that I have been working on with Donald Cummings and Lyndon Gallagher, two teachers from the Ridings School in Halifax. Our students have been writing letters demanding a Blue Plaque for Equiano, so please come and support us!
The Twentieth Century page has got some material produced by my students about Walter Tull including some of the broadcasts about Tull's experience playing football in Bristol, as well as films that they made telling Tull's story.

So can I take this opportunity to once again thank everyone who has supported over the last year and have no fear, it will continue to grow bigger and stronger once I return in May 2009 with a relaunch and new look website.

Posted 28 August 2008 at 11:39 PM | Comments (2)